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  • The teams mostly play regionally in the regular season to keep travel short.
  • His first country album was only released regionally and is filled with both country and rock.
  • They meet regionally throughout the year and hold a major annual convention.
  • With a new record, they began playing more local shows and touring regionally.
  • The college also has a strong cross country team who compete regionally, with a successful history.
  • In the United States, state police forces are often regionally divided into troops.
  • They played on radio and at local churches and dance parties, and became regionally popular.
  • The rules and game play are often different regionally locally - even by specific court.
  • These response letters contained regionally specific issues and discussion on how to address them.
  • Japan is divided regionally in a variety of ways, some of them administrative and some more historical.
  • He began working regionally and soon began attracted a national audience.
  • Other countries have multiple public broadcasting organizations operating regionally or in different languages.
  • Not only have many of its students won awards regionally, but some students have also won national awards for their work.
  • It therefore grew to be a regionally important centre and a relatively important military-strategic one.
  • The games not shown in the opposite regions are carried regionally by City.
  • The songs vary regionally, with birds in northern areas singing more slowly than those in southern areas.
  • This international division is itself divided regionally, with each country reporting to the international management.
  • It has developed right across the country represented regionally and on university campuses.
  • Because the pass is a relatively low one, it has been important regionally since the Stone Age.
  • As a work of a regionally prominent architect, it has been named a historic site.
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Meaning of regionally

  • adverb In a regional manner
    regionally governed