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  • Regardless of how many elements are already contained, a new element can always be added.
  • Field exercises can go on regardless of the time of day or week.
  • Regardless of this legal issue, many do offer such services.
  • Regardless, he continued to work until his last months.
  • They appear to show interest in the bones of their own kind, regardless of whether they are related.
  • Each national football association has one vote, regardless of its size or footballing strength.
  • Regardless of the original intent, the stated claim now seemed to be within reach.
  • Having absolutely no idea what her key was, she sang regardless and got the job.
  • Again, no differences could be found, regardless of the type of examination used.
  • Sex education includes all the educational measures which - regardless of the particular method used - may center on sex.
  • Children automatically go to heaven when they die, regardless of the religion of their parents.
  • The total electric charge of an isolated system remains constant regardless of changes within the system itself.
  • Later the song got a life of its own regardless of the masque.
  • Regardless of their actual location, they did not expect the arrival of the English army.
  • Some argue that economic growth in these countries would likely have occurred regardless of the chosen tax system.
  • However, we all have such arrogance in one form of another regardless of our belief system.
  • Regardless of source, petroleum's effects when released into the environment are similar.
  • Matches between the clubs are often close regardless of form and ladder positions.
  • Romanian family names remain the same regardless of the sex of the person.
  • All human babies are born pale, regardless of what their adult color will be.
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Meaning of regardless

  • adverb In spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks
    he carried on regardless of the difficulties