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  • Most of these refugees were forced to provide for themselves with very little assistance.
  • After he arrived at the refugee center he changed his story.
  • There are many refugees from African countries located in the southern part of the city.
  • The refugees were given food and stayed the night in a local hotel.
  • Many refugees tried to return home when the fighting ended.
  • As some of the refugees established homes in the area, the need for city services grew.
  • Some residents moved into a refugee camp; others moved to other towns.
  • After World War II, numerous refugees found a new home in the city.
  • The city received refugees from these countries on a number of occasions.
  • They needed a place to stay in the summer and the school was used as a refugee camp.
  • Many of these former refugees are now involved in the farming industry.
  • Since then, according to recent reports, all but two of the refugees have been allowed into Australia.
  • Three quarters of them applied for refugee status, but only a few were successful.
  • Due to events making return to their homelands difficult, many have become refugees.
  • Some ships of his refugee fleet were sent south, mostly to Florida.
  • From then on, any refugees would not have any rights.
  • New Zealand agreed to take some of the refugees and all but one of those were granted stay.
  • Most of the refugees returned later the next year.
  • Various groups of people were officially designated refugees beginning in World War I.
  • Many surviving free people of color left the island as refugees.
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Meaning of refugee

  • noun An exile who flees for safety