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  • Info Refuge is a place or state of safety.
  • He then sought refuge in France, where he remained for nearly two years.
  • They also say that more than one third of the refuges will lack full-time workers.
  • These refuges are generally open to the public on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • They provided refuge from armies too large to face in open battle.
  • At the beginning writing was a refuge from her daily life.
  • Such training was an important part of the refuge's work.
  • Early on, the city became a refuge for many of America's most prominent artists.
  • She spent time in social services care as a child, along with domestic violence refuges.
  • More than a thousand people who sought refuge in the church there died in the flames.
  • More than a thousand people who had sought refuge in the church died in the flames.
  • They were hunted with dogs and then shot out of trees where they took refuge.
  • Some of the residents chose to stay behind and took refuge in the few last remaining dry parts of town.
  • He marked these refuges and went out to make his first dash to safety. Cited from Star Born, by Andre Norton
  • The refuge now includes of land and of water.
  • He also set up refuges for the sick in every village.
  • There were two major groups of refuges that left the city.
  • Vergniaud took refuge for a day, then returned to his own home.
  • Public access to all areas is open year round, except for designated wildlife refuges.
  • He managed to escape from his cage and took refuge in the woods.
  • It provides refuge for these animals during some of Australia's regular droughts.
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Meaning of refuge

  • noun A shelter from danger or hardship