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  • This list of flight distance records contains only those set without any mid-air refueling.
  • Other than refueling aircraft, no aircraft services would have been available.
  • It took off from the beach again the next day following refuelling.
  • These vessels could refuel many aircraft during the course of the day.
  • There are also two set points where they stop to refuel.
  • He had experienced radio problems before refuelling, but these were fixed during the stop.
  • They returned to their base to refuel and were unable to return to the mission for several hours.
  • The next year, the base became the test unit for the multi-point refueling.
  • The operating range can be extended further when refueling is available.
  • The light-water designs spent, on average, about half the time being refueled or maintained.
  • Its range and on-station time can be substantially increased through in-flight refueling.
  • Twice during the passage she refueled the ships of the task force.
  • However, the driver usually must wait additional seconds until the refueling is complete.
  • But no civil transport aircraft at that time could fly the Atlantic without refuelling.
  • Two ready-use tanks near the islands would allow aircraft on the flight deck to refuel.
  • The new refueling plant was provided at a point near the present water tanks and served for several years.
  • They were instrumental in the first air-to-air refuelling, as well as long-distance flight records.
  • The number of refueling stations includes both public and private sites, and not all are available to the public.
  • During that time, he qualified for day/night air-to-air refuelling as well as a formation leader.
  • Even more aircraft would be needed to handle issues like refuelling and repair.
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How refuel gets used

Meaning of refuel

  • verb Provide with additional fuel, as of aircraft, ships, and cars
  • verb Take on more fuel, as of a plane, ship, or car