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  • She explained that first fear is the fear that comes reflexively, almost automatically.
  • The structure is reflexively changing and may not be complete, relevant, fully understood, or free of problems.
  • Americans turn to psychological cures as reflexively as they once turned to God.
  • First, being is known reflexively by abstraction from sense experience.
  • Her grandmother also inspired her to think reflexively.
  • It is now used reflexively only in the sense of applying oneself to the performance of an action. Cited from The Coverley Papers, by Various
  • In fact, the subject may hope to enjoy the substance, but the body handles it reflexively.
  • Nevertheless, she has been characterized as reflexively pro-Israel by some libertarians.
  • Caught off guard, Clay reflexively handed over his snuff box.
  • In any case, Chapman did not move reflexively when Mays' pitch came his way.
  • Caught off guard, Dawn reflexively fires her gun straight into Beth's head, killing her instantly.
  • He was alleged to have made court decisions favoring segregation and being reflexively anti-labor.
  • Although the lens adjusts reflexively in order to produce clear, focused images, voluntary control over this process is possible.
  • The descriptors operate reflexively by finding in the coffee what they mean, and each is used to make the other more explicit.
  • He was alleged to have made court decisions favoring segregation and of being reflexively anti-labor.
  • For defence, some species roll themselves reflexively into a spiral, while they can also fight off smaller opponents by ejecting slime.
  • Holden reflexively shot back killing Veronica, afterward realizing she thought she was saving his life.
  • During a fall from a high place, a cat can reflexively twist its body and right itself using its acute sense of balance and flexibility.
  • The snake catches fish by tricking them into reflexively attempting to escape in the wrong direction.
  • Only through education training and practice, and perhaps proper selection, will the diver reflexively exhale as a response to a pressure reduction.
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