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  • The prolific song writer has once again written songs reflective of her life today.
  • In addition, the box can also have a reflective surface on the inside.
  • In winter, the combination of full moon and reflective snow can give additional light.
  • It is reflective of a group - particularly myself - who was just writing songs and there was no larger idea behind it.
  • A good life need not be an especially reflective one; most of the best lives are just lived rather than studied.
  • The most well-known type of reflective surface is the cool roof.
  • They were reflective of his own personality and approach to legal issues.
  • Reflective history is written at some temporal distance from the events or history considered.
  • The conditions generated are reflective of the season in which they take place.
  • In fact, rain has much stronger reflective power than snow but its diameter is much smaller.
  • It is related to other parallel efforts such as those towards reflective design, critical design and critical technical practice.
  • Their activity level is generally reflective of the pace of their environment.
  • Objects appear bright to Earth observers either because they are large or because they are highly reflective.
  • Unfortunately, this technique does not scale well when multiple reflective objects are present.
  • The plates are red/brown on reflective white with ACT GOVERNMENT below the number.
  • His subject matter was often focused on blue-collar experience, and was clearly reflective of his own life.
  • It was also chosen so that it could be identified easily at night, since the original signs were not reflective.
  • Both aircraft were painted with a special reflective white paint to limit heat damage.
  • Davies has stated that aspects of the character are more reflective of his father.
  • The film is probably his most reflective work.
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Meaning of reflective

  • adjective Capable of physically reflecting light or sound
    a reflective surface