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  • He was also reelected three months later in a general election that same year.
  • He was reelected three more times serving for a total of twenty years.
  • She won both elections easily and has been reelected seven times without serious difficulty.
  • Two years later he was reelected and then chosen by the council as its president.
  • He was easily reelected that year and five more times after that.
  • However, he was reelected four times from this district without much difficulty.
  • He was reelected four times from this district with almost no difficulty.
  • He never faced another general election contest nearly that close, and was reelected five times.
  • He was reelected and served as president of the Senate during his second term.
  • He was reelected at every election since then without much difficulty.
  • He was reelected six times, holding the office until his death.
  • Of the five members of the former government, only two were reelected.
  • Two years later, he was elected to the lower house of congress, and was reelected several times.
  • He was easily reelected in November and served four terms in the House.
  • He went on to win the general election, and was twice reelected.
  • After his first two elections, he never faced another close contest, and was reelected seven times.
  • Board members serve three-year terms and can be reelected.
  • He has been reelected three other times since then.
  • She has been reelected seven more times since then.
  • He has been reelected five times, only once facing another contest nearly as close as his first one.
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Meaning of reelect

  • verb Elect again