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  • This table is important to find out the next state after every reduction.
  • The influence on the reduction is also expected to be a second or third order relationship.
  • Significant and long-term reductions in school-wide violence over a five-year period occurred.
  • The post-war reductions saw the regiment reduced to its pre-war establishment.
  • The reduction of military spending has long been an issue in Greek politics.
  • However, the increased restrictions on many-one reductions make them more difficult to find.
  • These are called conversion rules or, if the rule only works in one direction, a reduction rule.
  • The military is now far below its authorized strength, and further reductions are expected.
  • Both effects lead to a reduction in the energy levels of high l orbits.
  • The construction of a space elevator would need reduction of some technical risk.
  • The average workday was also cut from eight hours to seven without a reduction in pay.
  • Deep drawing is generally done in multiple steps called draw reductions.
  • Other changes included greater local control over finances, and the reduction of administrative control by the central government.
  • This can result in reductions in water quality, fish, and other animal populations.
  • In general, there can be several different beta reductions possible for a given term.
  • This may permit a reduction in board space, power consumption, and total system cost.
  • China's government has increasingly recognized its role in reduction of the national sex ratio.
  • The results can range from flow reduction to equipment damage.
  • Since then the plant has had several owners and experienced a significant reduction in employee numbers.
  • The direct reduction loan has become the most common type of American mortgage.
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Meaning of reduction

  • noun Any process in which electrons are added to an atom or ion (as by removing oxygen or adding hydrogen); always occurs accompanied by oxidation of the reducing agent
  • noun The act of reducing complexity