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  • We also expected to redo the system at least once after we got it going.
  • She actually met her future producer RedOne first time already at age four.
  • Here a story is taken and redone under each of the characters influence.
  • However, more walls have been added as the school has been redone.
  • It includes five tracks from the original release, redone with the current band members.
  • He has since stated he would like to redo it again.
  • The song was also produced by RedOne, who also produced the music video of the single.
  • If none of them are successful, they would have to go back and redo the challenge.
  • Any last minute changes can force portions of subsequent work to be redone.
  • The lift system has recently been redone and provides quick transport around the mountain.
  • I would redo the entire third act if I could.
  • The album is mainly produced by RedOne, who at the time was unknown.
  • She falls head over heels in love with him and goes to redo her make-up.
  • His face had been redone after been shot up.
  • The subsequent two episodes were redone, leaving this episode as the only one with additional music elements.
  • When he played for her, she had him redo everything on the track, in favor of his work.
  • As such, this forced the writers to redo parts of the episode to make room for his character.
  • "How much do you think they spent redoing this place?"
  • The interior of the station building was completely redone according to the modern views of that time.
  • As in any business, any job that was not done properly the first time must be redone.
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