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  • He played only once more that season, and never been able to rediscover his best form since.
  • In a season where he rediscovered his best form, he scored ten times and started every league game.
  • The drama is about a single father who rediscovers love and a new career.
  • The idea of lines that join points of equal value was rediscovered several times.
  • Margaret will need to rediscover herself as she is being called into service once again.
  • After their summer love affair, they married other people, but rediscover each other later in life.
  • It was only recently rediscovered, meaning that there is only limited information available about it.
  • This helped the women rediscover their dream, as well as their purpose in life.
  • He called on the television industry to rediscover a sense of purpose.
  • Later it was again rediscovered by and has since been studied by many other authors.
  • We may know a real hero by the fact that we always have to keep rediscovering him. Cited from Crowds, by Gerald Stanley Lee
  • However, magic is also back into the world, rediscovered after the loss of technology.
  • It is an ancient secret that a few people rediscover each century.
  • Many species have still been discovered and rediscovered in and on the surrounding region of the river.
  • Shortly after, she felt the freedom to rediscover her early passion for drawing.
  • After some trouble over the matter, they rediscover their friendship and get involved in the case again.
  • Some took years to be confirmed, and in several cases were actually lost and rediscovered.
  • Contemporary scholars are rediscovering her work and she is the subject of several recent studies.
  • They have been rediscovered many times because they come up naturally in many unrelated areas.
  • Years later the two rediscover each other much changed, and find that they may still have the capacity for love.
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How rediscover gets used

Meaning of rediscover

  • verb Discover again
    I rediscovered the books that I enjoyed as a child