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  • Then we were either redirected to another number or asked to call later etc.
  • In recent years, many programs that did exist have been redirected or ended.
  • This, after redirecting such letters as had arrived for her father by the morning post. Cited from Deadham Hard, by Lucas Malet
  • But the ice went out before he could launch his attack, so he redirected his focus.
  • During this time, he began to redirect his efforts towards a career in executive medicine.
  • Funding released would have redirected for the development of a future east-west line.
  • The old title will become a redirect page to the new title.
  • I could only redirect it and hand it to him in silence. Cited from Dracula, by Bram Stoker
  • However, redirects can also take you to sites that will otherwise attempt to attack in other ways.
  • In turn, Blue redirected its air power so it struck entirely in the South.
  • Instead, he redirected his promotional efforts to yet another new project far to the north.
  • In all cases, redirects from official names should be provided to articles with English-language names.
  • Several cars were swept into the water before police could redirect traffic.
  • Meantime the two upon whom they now redirected their attention had attempted no further speech and made no further move. Cited from The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow, by Anna Katharine Green
  • These attempts were limited by available resources, and early efforts were soon redirected towards building code reform.
  • His work was so fundamental that it completely redirected the education of children. Cited from The History Of Education, By Ellwood P. Cubberley
  • She is unable to save him, but she redirects his path into the enemy missile.
  • The former have greater powers that include being able to stop vehicles and redirect traffic at an incident.
  • In all cases, it is well to provide redirects from various forms, whether English or French.
  • A distinct instrument or type represented only by a redirect to an article section should however be shown.
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Meaning of redirect

  • verb Channel into a new direction
    redirect your attention to the danger from the fundamentalists