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  • China is currently redeveloping its entire railway network to produce a modern high-speed network.
  • Today, the whole area where the camp used to be has been completely redeveloped.
  • The site of the station buildings has since been redeveloped with small industrial units.
  • Although the station site has been redeveloped, the bridge and the closed station access remain.
  • The site was redeveloped and now houses the new health centre for the town.
  • In this way, they think they will be able to completely redevelop the area.
  • The hospital is now closed and the former site has been redeveloped.
  • The title comes from the original design of the north stand before it was redeveloped.
  • The surrounding area has largely been redeveloped from its 19th-century industrial past.
  • The former mining location has now been redeveloped into a nature reserve and business park.
  • All port activity will be moved to the western side, and the area will be redeveloped.
  • Many of the structures within the community have been redeveloped into two-story homes.
  • If construction was not open before, many areas found themselves redeveloping.
  • There are now plans to redevelop the site into a country park.
  • There have been plans to redevelop the station for a number of years.
  • The city and county redeveloped its facilities and grounds into an extensive industrial area.
  • Today nothing remains of the station site, which has been redeveloped as a housing estate.
  • The land could then be redeveloped as a commercial and industrial district - no longer residential.
  • Most systems within an organization contain the same basic data, redeveloped for a specific purpose.
  • The business continues today from another location as the old mill in the town centre has been redeveloped.
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Meaning of redevelop

  • verb Develop for a second time, in order to improve the contrast, colour, etc., of a negative or print
  • verb Formulate or develop again, of an improved theory or hypothesis
  • verb Change the plans for the use of (land)