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  • Since then, the forest has been redesignated to remember all who served in the armed forces.
  • Some other countries also redesignated it when it was adopted.
  • These units were redesignated from other training commands and put under the command of the division.
  • Four of this order were redesignated as service test vehicles, and an additional eight production aircraft were soon ordered as well.
  • To this end, the first class was abandoned and the former second and third classes redesignated as the new first and second classes.
  • The old route thus loses its national route status and is usually redesignated as a Regional Road.
  • Many of the World War II wings were redesignated as air divisions after the war.
  • Four of these units were redesignated as state waysides and are listed above.
  • Parks moved, but toward the window seat; she did not get up to move to the redesignated colored section.
  • Some of the training wings were redesignated as groups, and the technical training groups became squadrons.
  • Since air groups in the United States Navy were all redesignated as wings, it also covers groups.
  • Although it lost its official status in the 90's, its has been redesignated as a national language.
  • A special troops battalion was added to the division's command structure, and its three brigades were redesignated.
  • Many Navy aircraft then in service were redesignated.
  • Component units were also redesignated to historically-linked units of the newly established wing.
  • CAPs were also redesignated beginning about the same time.
  • He became director of flying for the school in July 1942 and was redesignated director of training the following year.
  • Redesignated to group level in December 1992, but continued operations as before.
  • In 1996, the school was redesignated a junior school, returning it to its original status.
  • It was, in effect, a strategic wing, but was not redesignated as such.
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