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  • We found it essential to change products and services before redesigning their image.
  • The league has announced that the base will be redesigned but will remain similar in shape to its current design.
  • Recently, it has been proposed that the educational system of the city be redesigned.
  • During the redesign, a number of changes were made to the engine.
  • The game also featured a completely redesigned interface and contained many more live-action scenes than the first game.
  • Trieste was changed, improved and redesigned so many times that almost no original parts remain.
  • A plan to redesign the park is currently being developed.
  • Business process re-engineering is also known as business process redesign, business transformation, or business process change management.
  • During development and construction of the park, many structures were added, redesigned or modified.
  • Redesigning the train yard took place over several months.
  • Over time, as the needs of the university has changed, the area has been altered and redesigned.
  • The mill has been completely redesigned, from the mill grounds to the buildings themselves.
  • The body saw a redesign that included single round headlights and a less complex body.
  • The redesign allowed for larger rear doors, and more space for rear passengers.
  • Jones believed most younger users would continue to use the site after the redesign, though older users might not.
  • Alongside a change of crown, he also planned to redesign the crown.
  • However, the redesign has not yet shown any effect.
  • PC games also made a return to the magazine during this redesign.
  • The characters were redesigned and the art style revised for the new series.
  • It was part of the completely new redesign of Ford cars after the war.
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Meaning of redesign

  • verb Design anew, make a new design for