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  • Always trying out new things, the band continued to work on redefining their sound.
  • However, they need to be redefined themselves before they become useful in that exercise.
  • Here we mark a new beginning towards redefining technology that will transform the future.
  • With the end of the war came a peace settlement which redefined Europe.
  • It has been noted for redefining the sound of late 1990s music.
  • It has been noted for redefining the sound of dance-pop music.
  • Once he was on board, the director and he worked long hours in creating and redefining the character.
  • Therefore, he attempted to redefine how students should learn and read.
  • Others have kept and redefined the term to include these ideas.
  • Several significant rules changes marked this release, redefining several key concepts of the game.
  • They also praised the band's completely redefining themselves as a pop group.
  • This area shows immense promise and with future research may redefine treatment of end stage heart failure.
  • There's not a lot of people trying to redefine soul music.
  • The call to cut back some of its powers and redefining its objectives met significant resistance.
  • They also redefined the awards to offer one gold, one silver and three bronze medals.
  • She sought to redefine the relationship between art and society.
  • "What they don't have is the right to redefine marriage for all of society."
  • It was instead redefined to be an ability word with no rules meaning attached to it.
  • Although the learning process affected one behavior, it helped to redefine his/her whole identity to him/herself.
  • Weiss redefined the subject manner and problem being studied in more scientific terms.
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Meaning of redefine

  • verb Give a new or different definition to
    She redefined his duties
  • verb Give a new or different definition of (a word)