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  • It is a recreational lake popular with people from across north central Texas.
  • Between the two forests lies, which also provides other recreational activities off-season.
  • Commercial traffic has given way to recreational use of the river and canal.
  • Baseball has long been a significant part of the village's recreational and social activities.
  • There are also numerous other recreational facilities located within the city.
  • The rest of the fields are used by the university's recreational sports programs.
  • Athletic and country clubs offer one or more recreational sports facilities to their members.
  • Active recreational facilities have been developed at the park as the demand for such activities have increased.
  • The city provided recreational and educational programs, and hired people for public works projects.
  • Once a major center for wooden boat building, the village has become known as a commercial and recreational center.
  • After school hours, there are recreational programs for younger, older, and adult people.
  • They are also used for recreational trail riding and in mounted police units.
  • The lake is open for recreational fishing on a year round basis.
  • Ocean City has a long history of fishing, both commercial and recreational.
  • These private communities provide community and recreational services to residents.
  • It is an open, tree-covered park, which offers recreational programs and has facilities for functions.
  • These well planned open spaces provided recreational areas for all residents.
  • It now houses a library, the city hall, and recreational facilities.
  • The town is near extensive forests, and in normal times is a popular recreational area.
  • Much land has been set aside for natural protection, with recreational and historical considerations.
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  • adjective Of or relating to recreation
    a recreational area with a pool and ball fields