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  • She did not recover and died in that second year after the fall.
  • Her father recovered, but only five percent of his heart is currently working.
  • Some fans felt he never fully recovered, although he won three more championships.
  • As she thought she would recover she did not trouble to make a will.
  • After taking a rest, he seemed to recover and returned to college.
  • Never fully recovered, he had to return to England the next year.
  • Though it would later be re-established, it would never recover its former glory.
  • A lot of this has since recovered or has been settled.
  • His body was recovered the next day in of water.
  • He had to wait another year before an opportunity to recover the title.
  • He is returned home and brought to a rest home, where he eventually recovers.
  • Over the next several days, his health appeared to improve and his friends thought he was nearly recovered.
  • The battle "broke the back" of the campaign, and they never fully recovered.
  • He spent a hundred days in the hospital recovering, but elected to complete his service.
  • He quickly recovers, but is held against his will in a local hospital.
  • However, the condition is far less serious, and the tree should recover the following year.
  • Many waited until the remains of their family members had been recovered, identified and released.
  • The second mine may have already been found, but there has been no attempt to recover it.
  • How long does it take to recover if a large load is reduced?
  • Some people do recover completely and others function well in society.
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Meaning of recover

  • verb Get or find back; recover the use of
    She regained control of herself, She found her voice and replied quickly
  • verb Regain a former condition after a financial loss
    We expect the stocks to recover to $2.90, The company managed to recuperate
  • verb Regain or make up for
    recuperate one's losses
  • verb Cover anew
    recover a chair