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  • He is forced into an attempt to reconstitute the picture for others. Cited from Literary Taste: How to Form It, by Enoch Arnold Bennett
  • Labour has controlled a majority of seats in every election since the council was reconstituted.
  • In recent years, the band has been reconstituted at various points, and continues to perform occasionally.
  • In order for the host to change size, matter is created from energy or reconstituted to energy as needed.
  • The reconstituted board did not retain all its powers for long, however.
  • Usually purchased in a dried state, it is reconstituted quickly, taking about five minutes.
  • He later returned to the seat when it was reconstituted.
  • After a short battle, both sides withdrew to reconstitute their forces.
  • With this information it then reconstitutes the memory-resident tree data structure.
  • The division was reconstituted along the lines of its war time structure with limited reorganizations.
  • When reconstituted the names and aircraft used by these squadrons changed frequently but their home duty stations remained constant.
  • On the whole the reconstituting of the family by the church must be regarded as its most striking social work. Cited from Sociology and Modern Social Problems, C.A. Ellwood
  • He has been killed and reconstituted many times.
  • At the end of war plans to reconstitute the Naval Reserve were put into operation.
  • The Land police have had women members since the forces were reconstituted after World War II.
  • He led efforts to reconstitute the club which was then able to rejoin the league the following season.
  • The police force was later reconstituted at the start of the 21st century.
  • Bobby is also able to reconstitute his body from broken pieces.
  • A reconstituted air arm was reformed in the following year, but initially only as an internal security force.
  • In subsequent years the High Court of Justice was reconstituted under the following Acts.
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