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  • He originally turned down the role, then reconsidered like most of the cast.
  • However, the next week, he reconsidered and said he would run for re-election.
  • The bill was reconsidered the next day and no further action was taken.
  • He stopped and reconsidered whether it would not be better to turn back. Cited from Dame Care, by Hermann Sudermann
  • It was decided that they should all take some time off and then reconsider whether to continue.
  • It is time that we should reconsider our whole attitude towards human nature. Cited from What Is and What Might Be, by Edmond Holmes
  • For a moment he stood thinking, apparently reconsidering what he had just done. Cited from The Exploits of Elaine, Arthur B. Reeve
  • Initially, he turned down the offer, but later reconsidered and accepted the position.
  • I have reconsidered the matter, you have changed your mind, he has gone back on his word.
  • For this reason he kept his pieces very long in his hands, while he considered and reconsidered them. Cited from Best of the World's Classics...Prose, Vol. IV, Great Britain & Ireland
  • He said he had reconsidered, and wanted to put up the money. Cited from The Silver Horde, by Rex Beach
  • From this research, she produced a paper reconsidering the evidence from the site.
  • Since then, however, the interior design community has begun to reconsider this practice.
  • This letter was followed by letters from his brother George which also asked him to reconsider.
  • "Then you must do the next best thing: tell him you have reconsidered." Cited from The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush, by Francis Lynde
  • Had the theme been more successful, these elements might have been reconsidered.
  • It was only when his players encouraged him to take the job did he reconsider the offer.
  • The front office noticed, reconsidered their decision, and decided to release the song.
  • A test drive in the sports car has Tom reconsidering his position.
  • The time seems not far distant when they must be reconsidered for their own sake. Cited from The Eve of the French Revolution, Edward J. Lowell
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Meaning of reconsider

  • verb Consider again; give new consideration to; usually with a view to changing
    Won't you reconsider your decision?
  • verb Consider again (a bill) that had been voted upon before, with a view to altering it