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  • As time passed, he was able to reconnect with all three of them.
  • She wants to help him reconnect with his family and change his life following an accident.
  • There is also a current effort being made to reconnect members of the Tradition.
  • He is also able to reconnect his body parts with little issue, being able to draw his parts back to him.
  • Also, she seems to be trying to reconnect with Jack, although not with much success.
  • The police officer suggests Daniel reconnect his home security system despite the cost.
  • He was able to reconnect with his father shortly afterward, who took John under his wing.
  • These life skills help prisoners reconnect with family, pursue education and re-enter community life on release.
  • He then sees his birth father, who just got out of prison, wanting to reconnect with him.
  • She is fired on the spot, and returns home to reconnect with her friends and family.
  • Dickerson had tried several years previously to reconnect with her, though she wanted nothing to do with him.
  • The name was adopted for the trail as a way to reconnect people to local history and the natural environment.
  • Still wishing to reconnect with his father, Paul sets off to find him.
  • He turned back to the bottle after failing to reconnect with his son.
  • What if we could reconnect the power of aspiration with the power of education in our children's lives?
  • Will she be able to forgive him and reconnect, or is their relationship a thing of the past?
  • He also started to reconnect with Amelia and become friends again after the accident.
  • The letters allow the West's to reconnect and become the family that would have been if their son had lived.
  • Road construction has been encouraged to reconnect this neighborhood directly with downtown.
  • He is able to reconnect with his daughter, and is reunited with his sister and her sons.
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