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  • Several parts of the town can be easily recognised in the film.
  • The rest of her family generally recognises all she does for them.
  • Through this you do not recognise people for who they really are.
  • The article also recognises a right of people to enter their own country.
  • These have been thought at times to be the same species, but are now recognised as separate species.
  • It has come to be recognised as among the most influential records in rock history.
  • His father took the family name of his mother because his father did not recognise him as his own.
  • She recognises it immediately as the gold that her husband was once given for her.
  • There is one order and eight families recognised in this group.
  • It recognises the best overall performance by an individual player through the season.
  • They were short-lived and only recognised in the country.
  • He has been recognised several times for particular works.
  • However at the same time he educated himself and his parents recognised their son's potential.
  • London was also recognised as one of the nine regions of England.
  • He recognises that much has been achieved, but much remains to be done.
  • Not all scientists live long enough for their work to be recognised.
  • To be connected to her work, people do not have to recognise her.
  • Some of these players have been recognised as being among Australian rules football's greatest players.
  • He recognised the open-air services were successful in reaching men and women who would not enter most churches.
  • Despite its name change, it still recognises its heritage and association with the old school.
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