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  • The species is so unusual that it has been reclassified several times.
  • As a result, it has recently been reclassified as a dangerous species.
  • Prior to the season, organized baseball reclassified its minor league system.
  • If all cities were reclassified according to actual population, about one-third of classifications would change.
  • Two other species previously held within the genus were subsequently reclassified into the genus Tara.
  • By reclassifying rural land as urban land, it can then be sold at a profit.
  • Rather than reclassify all climbs each time standards improved, additional classes were added.
  • A few species have been assigned to the genus that have since been reclassified into other genera.
  • These were reclassified as the H class shortly after being delivered.
  • There have been cases of a variety of speech being deliberately reclassified to serve political purposes.
  • The user can return to training and point out the specific mistakes and then reclassify.
  • When first described it was considered its own species, but it was reclassified to a subspecies.
  • The by-passed roads are then generally reclassified as regional roads.
  • The opposite also occurs; languages once seen as isolates may be reclassified as small families.
  • Organized baseball reclassified its minor league system prior to the 1963 season.
  • These latter species tend to branch closely with neogregarines and may need to be reclassified.
  • Federal authorities can reclassify any object of regional or municipal significance as a federal landmark.
  • As a result of the expanded population, the city has petitioned to be reclassified as a class two city.
  • Recently, a number of existing roads have been reclassified as national highways.
  • The Carnegie Foundation reclassified the college to university status based on its graduate programs.
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  • verb Classify anew, change the previous classification
    The zoologists had to reclassify the mollusks after they found new species