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  • Info Reclaim, reclaiming or reclamation means "to get something back".
  • He had much less with the reclaimed land to do than he wanted us to believe.
  • She adopted five children, one of whom was reclaimed by his birth mother.
  • Much of this land was subsequently reclaimed and is now part of the central business district.
  • If she attempted to live apart, her husband had the right to reclaim her.
  • High-rise buildings are located on the eastern part, which was reclaimed from sea.
  • Later, he extended the city further by reclaiming a considerable area from the sea.
  • He turned down the offer to reclaim his post since he felt his honor had been damaged.
  • Many new businesses have opened as the city has reclaimed its walking center.
  • A group of local people joined together to save them and reclaim their unique heritage.
  • But we believe that he will reclaim his club shirt after he gets well.
  • Soon after, she came into some money when a cousin died and has now reclaimed the real ring.
  • A significant amount of new housing is also being built on this reclaimed industrial land.
  • He essentially reclaimed his old time period, although not as part of the network.
  • There is evidence that professional military culture has also reclaimed ownership of the term.
  • She states that writing allows her to accept who she is and reclaiming that for herself.
  • Although there is little evidence of this now having primarily been reclaimed by farmers.
  • "Perhaps her death will be the means of reclaiming my poor boy." Cited from Beulah, by Augusta J. Evans
  • Another of the fellow's fixed ideas was that of reclaiming used material. Cited from The Quest, by Pio Baroja
  • The whole bay was reclaimed for land and the stream is no longer visible.
  • Most of the province lies below sea level and was reclaimed from the sea by inhabitants over time.
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Meaning of reclaim

  • verb Claim back
  • verb Reuse (materials from waste products)
  • verb Make useful again; transform from a useless or uncultivated state
    The people reclaimed the marshes