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  • Recently a large number of football grounds have been built throughout the island.
  • Even then, the complete report was not made public until more recently.
  • The park has recently re-opened but currently has very limited resources.
  • A one-teacher primary school was recently re-opened in the village.
  • The term was four years, but has recently been extended to five.
  • This plan failed and was recently re-opened as a street.
  • On his appearance, he spoke about progress towards peace that he has recently observed.
  • The network is recently growing with the construction of the new high-speed rail network.
  • Until recently the government did not keep data on race.
  • Until recently, women were allowed entry only one day in the year.
  • And more recently, both countries have been building a closer security and defense relationship.
  • The book went out of print and was recently re-released.
  • The camp was recently re-opened as a high adventure base.
  • However, more recently the relatively bright object has been discovered.
  • Recently they have been having more national success and often perform at smaller concerts on the island.
  • However, it is only recently that the two teams have been competing in the same league.
  • More recently, other more specific groups have been recognized.
  • More recently, scholars have expanded their work to include analysis of television and digital media.
  • However, the league has recently taken steps forward.
  • More recently, a third subspecies has been claimed to exist in one of the species.
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Meaning of recently

  • adverb In the recent past
    he was in Paris recently, lately the rules have been enforced, as late as yesterday she was fine, feeling better of late, the spelling was first affected, but latterly the meaning also