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  • Several years of rebuilding passed before it reached its previous size.
  • However, after this period of success, the team experienced some years of rebuilding.
  • After the war there was little rebuilding of the historic city and most buildings were modern ones.
  • He spent the next four years rebuilding his political base in preparation for another run at the office.
  • In recent years, there has been greater focus on full rebuilding as original instruments finally stop working.
  • In response, German officers attended technical schools during this period of rebuilding after the war.
  • At this time rebuilding began to take place in the city.
  • The fire destroyed much of the town, and the subsequent rebuilding was largely in one style.
  • This process of rebuilding would take more than two years before all of the buildings would be completely rebuilt.
  • Expansion plans soon replaced plans of rebuilding the destroyed city walls.
  • The station required significant rebuilding to allow the platforms to take two-car trains.
  • He spent time in Japan rebuilding his empire and fighting the X-Men.
  • Within six months of coming into ownership, the King began his own rebuilding and expansion.
  • He used to help out around the home farm rebuilding competition cars, as he was not yet old enough to drive.
  • During this rebuilding the station was reduced to a single line.
  • A swift will return to the same site year after year, rebuilding its nest when necessary.
  • Further, he used it as a means of rebuilding the spiritual life of the Church.
  • Many of the city's date to late-18th-century rebuilding efforts.
  • It was believed that there was no hope of rebuilding their former civilization.
  • However, he would not live to see the end of the season, let alone complete the task of rebuilding his side.
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Root form of rebuilding is rebuild for the verb.

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Meaning of rebuilding

  • noun Building again
  • verb Build again
    The house was rebuild after it was hit by a bomb