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  • Reborn characters generally work the same as regular characters up until the second class.
  • They want it to end, because once they fully die, they can be reborn.
  • One could be reborn either as another human being or another animal, according to this belief.
  • Her daily movement can thus be related to the cycle of human life with her being reborn every day.
  • It consists of a few tracks that will be used in the second season of Reborn!
  • He died in issue six, but has since been reborn.
  • It was said that his childhood has died and he has been reborn as an adult.
  • The text also describes what one must do to be reborn there.
  • In the final scene, he is reborn as a star child.
  • I felt like it was a new beginning for me, like I was, in a way, reborn.
  • The exact circumstances of his being killed and reborn after a century and half are never explained.
  • Reborn was released with a variety of cover art, depending on format and region.
  • The new teaching revealed that all people have free will and therefore can be reborn into a personal relationship with God.
  • The water comes gushing out of their bodies as if they are being reborn.
  • After the period of punishment is complete, they are reborn on earth in human or animal bodies.
  • Characters cross this river into another world, but are soon reborn back into their lower world to work out their karma.
  • After being reborn, he constantly laments the loss of such attention throughout the series.
  • After he is reborn, he kills the woman who gave birth to him after she insults him.
  • If one lives in extremely evil ways, however, one may be reborn as an animal or other unfortunate being.
  • However, it was reborn as an Internet Radio Station where it can be heard today.
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