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  • Students from the school were reassigned to three other schools within the city.
  • It seems likely that many of these species will be reassigned after these studies have been completed.
  • In the end, he reassigns her to work in his private office.
  • Her family moves often, usually due to her father's company reassigning him.
  • He was reassigned at the end of Spring Training to minor league camp.
  • Some of their personal guards can be reassigned to be reserve soldiers instead.
  • Often the school was used to reassign students who could not be enrolled into other high schools.
  • Many additional species have been named, but most have been reassigned to different genera.
  • All first tour personnel were reassigned to other units in order to complete their tours.
  • And why do cyborgs who talk too much about this tend to get suddenly reassigned?
  • Those who would not pay lost legal title to their lands, which New York then reassigned to others.
  • At the end of the novel, he is again reassigned to a distant town and later found dead in his bed.
  • After finishing his tour of duty, he was reassigned and sent back to the United States.
  • Other species assigned to the genus have since been reassigned elsewhere.
  • The book notes several officers, including a primary suspect, were reassigned to other positions.
  • The division was then reassigned to V Corps for its next advance.
  • Once released, he was quickly reassigned to another parish, the first of many such reassignments over the years.
  • Winchester was imprisoned for more than a year before being released and reassigned to military service.
  • He was reassigned to a new command in Missouri effective in the spring.
  • He can change the DNA lock each deck has and reassign it to other people if necessary.
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