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  • His mother reappears right before his is able to tell them the truth.
  • Suddenly, the man reappears to take her away from her life of vice.
  • He often reappears to say more despite what the other actors may be doing.
  • John reappears in the sixth season, set six years after the events of the fourth season.
  • He reappears after more than ten years of absence, broke and ill.
  • She reappears in their home later and tells them the truth.
  • The second theme reappears, followed by another characteristic long line of beautiful dance-like music.
  • He reappears later in history as a member of the King's court of justice.
  • She reappears in the fourth season after tracking Don down at his office building.
  • The character class system featured in the first game also reappears, with some modifications.
  • Soon afterwards, he reappears, now an energy-based life form.
  • The name occasionally reappears when the paper features junior football reports.
  • Three years later, he reappears to meet Tear and the rest of his friends.
  • The French series featured the familiar series cast reappears as the contemporary figures of every historical time.
  • He reappears in the second season, having turned over a new leaf and wants to make a good living.
  • Sarah reappears alive, just in time to join the others in their escape.
  • It reappears as a voluntary behavior around eight months to one year old.
  • The melody used in the movement reappears in various forms throughout the rest of the piece.
  • Six years later he reappears in Paris, yet there are doubts about his real identity.
  • The first theme reappears in D minor, but it still appears to be part of the development.
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Root form of reappears is reappear for the verb.

Meaning of reappears

  • verb Appear again
    The sores reappeared on her body, Her husband reappeared after having left her years ago