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  • Traditionally, these characters only play a single role per episode, and then never reappear.
  • He went abroad, and it was some time before he reappeared on the political scene.
  • The games have a wide cast of characters, many of which reappear throughout the series.
  • He reappears after more than ten years of absence, broke and ill.
  • All other roles who reappear during the series are played by a different actor in each film.
  • The popularity later reappeared in 19th century and remained well-known to present times.
  • She reappears in their home later and tells them the truth.
  • The show was a number of times said to have come to its end, only to reappear.
  • It may have disappeared again; and if so it may reappear once more.
  • It later reappeared on Earth in order to give another chance to a chosen soul.
  • These enemies begin in later levels and don't reappear once they are defeated.
  • The stream used to dry up approximately every seven years, and would reappear in the following year.
  • Beyond them, there are many rival schools whose players reappear during the course of the series.
  • The Little Miss characters would frequently reappear in the later books of other characters.
  • He took time to recover and did not reappear for almost two months.
  • The result is that active areas that move across a field edge reappear at the opposite edge.
  • Never before has a nation vanished, only to reappear more than a hundred years later.
  • The second theme reappears, followed by another characteristic long line of beautiful dance-like music.
  • It is possible that they believed that the dead was living in a different state and he could probably reappear.
  • They later reappeared along with other songs on a CD of the same name.
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Synonyms of reappear

Meaning of reappear

  • verb Appear again
    The sores reappeared on her body, Her husband reappeared after having left her years ago