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  • His mother reappears right before his is able to tell them the truth.
  • The album reappeared one week later after heavy promotion on various talk shows.
  • The news of her return spread just two weeks before she reappeared on the series.
  • She rose and went into the next room, reappearing with something in her hand. Cited from The Wit and Humor of America, Volume VI (of X), by Various
  • Killed enemies reappear at the same location where they were killed the first time.
  • It fell off the top position in the following week and reappeared at number one six weeks later.
  • Suddenly, the man reappears to take her away from her life of vice.
  • He often reappears to say more despite what the other actors may be doing.
  • Throughout all these roles two things kept reappearing in his work: film and songs.
  • Then he saw him reappear, and strike out strongly toward the other youth. Cited from Frank and Andy Afloat, by Vance Barnum
  • Other actors who did reappear after the first season played other characters.
  • Ten years earlier, four children disappeared while playing, only to reappear a month later.
  • The film was considered to be lost for nearly forty years before reappearing.
  • And so, many of the characters of the old story reappear upon the scene. Cited from Marion's Faith, by Charles King
  • The majority of characters reappear in the third book, and some new are introduced.
  • He has recently reappeared on the local swimming scene after years spent away from it.
  • This novel is notable as several of her earlier characters reappear in this book.
  • John reappears in the sixth season, set six years after the events of the fourth season.
  • He had not been at dinner either, and he did not reappear for several days. Cited from A Fearful Responsibility and Other Stories, by William D. Howells
  • The image of the dead boy would reappear in several songs of the following albums.
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Synonyms of reappear

Meaning of reappear

  • verb Appear again
    The sores reappeared on her body, Her husband reappeared after having left her years ago