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  • The novel is about a town and its people written in the social realist style.
  • In this same period, academic and realist artists continued to produce new work.
  • He remained faithful to a traditional realist style of painting throughout his career.
  • To be quite frank, then, the Japanese are what we should term realists. Cited from The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference, by Emile Joseph Dillon
  • His work is realist and shows the influence of 19th century Russian literature.
  • She was, however, in point of fact, the very first among the great French realists. Cited from In and Out of Three Normady Inns, Anna Bowman Dodd
  • According to classical realists, bad things happen because the people who make foreign policy are sometimes bad.
  • The realists have had their day; they work a picture to death; all of them. Cited from Peter, By F. Hopkinson Smith
  • Like most of his fiction, it is written in a social realist mode.
  • After a realist autumn scene, leaves are shown being removed from the chapel floor.
  • It is associated with the realist school of foreign policy thought.
  • This group of artists can best be described as urban realists.
  • Realists believe that there are no universal principles with which all states may guide their actions.
  • Its realist subject matter and dark palette are typical of his early work.
  • This is very similar to the depth of field scale on later model Realists.
  • She is best known for her direct realist approach to speech perception.
  • The direct realist believes that we directly know objects as they are.
  • He became a noted painter and produced a large body of work in the socialist realist style.
  • Much of the architecture of the city is in the Soviet realist style.
  • Her reputation came to rest largely on her magic realist titles.
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Synonyms of realist

Meaning of realist

  • noun A philosopher who believes that universals are real and exist independently of anyone thinking of them
  • noun A person who accepts the world as it literally is and deals with it accordingly
  • noun A painter who represents the world realistically and not in an idealized or romantic style