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  • Their relationship ends several months later when they realise they cannot trust one another.
  • It took about three years to realise they had discovered the same river system.
  • The two realise they love each other, and leave next morning to get married.
  • I think it will take us about a week to realise what has happened today.
  • She realises that her life changed for the better because of her love.
  • Further, the father realised that his son had no interest in such a career.
  • He realises he still has a long list of things to do and very little time.
  • He later realises that nothing will really change after they get married and soon changes his mind.
  • When the others realise what she has done, it is too late to save her.
  • It was difficult for us to realise even yet that he had arrived.
  • Both fall in love with her, but neither realise that they both love the same woman.
  • The human task is to fully realise this state while still in material human form.
  • This made him realise that he had a serious problem and needed help.
  • Only slowly do we realise that her death is not for real.
  • The remaining family members now realise that far-reaching changes will have to be made.
  • The pair realise there is only once course of action open to them - stop the war.
  • Only when it is too late does she realise that her husband loves her.
  • Later, they realise that they are interested in one another after all.
  • Sky was too young to realise exactly what had happened to her mother.
  • He enjoyed political influence and realised the need to maintain support at home.
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