real estate developers

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  • After his football career he became a real estate developer.
  • The name was given in the late 19th century by a real estate developer.
  • After the war, his mother became a painter and his father a real estate developer.
  • The family sold its land to a real estate developer in the 1950s.
  • He worked as an engineer and a construction executive and real estate developer.
  • He returned to Texas and expanded the family business, later becoming a real estate developer.
  • Prior to her entry into politics, she was a teacher and a real estate developer.
  • Because the real estate developers are very interested to build apartment to get high profit.
  • He worked as a real estate developer and served in the United States Army.
  • He is currently a real estate developer in the DC area and has seven children.
  • Her father was a commercial real-estate developer and her mother a homemaker.
  • Under his leadership, the company became one of New England's largest commercial real estate developers.
  • Many farmers have sold their properties to real estate developers who have built residential housing.
  • Following his retirement from Congress, he became a real estate developer.
  • The closed schools will be sold to real estate developers who will use the schools and land to their discretion.
  • Deyaar is a leading local and regional real estate developer and real estate services company.
  • Bren would go on to become a very successful movie producer and real estate developer.
  • To accommodate this heavy demand, mid-rise apartment buildings started being built by real estate developers.
  • Most of the district was created by a small group of real estate developers working in conjunction with each other.
  • He eventually became a successful real-estate developer.
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