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  • A running score should be kept so that players can readily see each other's total points.
  • Since they were made of wood, they could often be quickly and easily built from readily available materials.
  • It is most readily used in some civil legal systems.
  • At the same time, consumer goods were more readily available than ever before.
  • The fortifications were no longer needed and provided readily available space for his plans.
  • Authors are more readily published by this means due to the much lower costs involved.
  • Government is formed by the leader of the party who can most readily command a majority in the House.
  • Most buildings were first built with readily available wood.
  • They are completely equivalent and either form is readily converted to the other.
  • In classical field theory, a physical property at a given location in the field is readily derived.
  • They have formed over millions of years and once exhausted cannot be readily replaced.
  • Ryan readily admitted the money was a large part of the reason he played as long as he did.
  • If the patient can be led to accept one suggestion, they will more readily accept others.
  • The king readily agreed and asked for the rice to be brought.
  • First of all, the automobile became more readily available to many Americans after the war.
  • The Center also has a pool readily available in the summer.
  • Previously low-flying aircraft could only be readily tracked over water.
  • This book is readily available in the used book market and libraries.
  • In later years this would become less important as more electronic equipment became readily available to a wider audience.
  • They tend to be popular where they are readily available.
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Synonyms of readily

Meaning of readily

  • adverb Without much difficulty
    these snakes can be identified readily