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  • During movement enemy ships can react a short distance onto moving ships.
  • Unlike case studies, reacting games also must be set in a true historical setting.
  • Player actions were also said to influence how the characters of the world react to them.
  • That's why nature is reacting to everything that people do to her.
  • However, that would not stop him from reacting in kind if his subjects declared war first.
  • The government, on the other hand, reacted quickly and sent troops to the major cities.
  • She appears to have done little to react to these events.
  • He reacts by saying that he has stated his opinion as she has hers.
  • Yet the press was quick to react and by evening the event was reported around the world.
  • And in both cases they only sold one, two or three trees reacting in an emergency situation.
  • He was asked how he would react if one of his grandchildren turned out gay.
  • Players in the game reacted to the disease as if there was real risk to their well-being.
  • It is unknown how his successor and family have reacted to his return.
  • However, he is very much his own worst enemy, and he reacts before he thinks.
  • Whenever he reacts to some thought his body makes a turn.
  • Adam reacted in the way any human might when faced with death.
  • It was the song that people would react to more than the songs that they'd heard on the radio.
  • She admitted reacting to the news with a four letter word.
  • Despite this, he is often the first to sense an enemy or danger, and the first to react.
  • Some parts form by reacting to others, while others form by introjecting others.
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Meaning of react

  • verb Show a response or a reaction to something
  • verb Act against or in opposition to
    She reacts negatively to everything I say
  • verb Undergo a chemical reaction; react with another substance under certain conditions
    The hydrogen and the oxygen react