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  • When he reached the town, he found the school closed for the night.
  • The length of the body reached about six feet in some cases.
  • They reach to about above sea level at their highest point.
  • Energy can take about a million years to reach the surface.
  • This principle is that we all want things that are out of our reach.
  • Before reaching the last half, he must complete the next quarter of the distance.
  • When the machine reached the end of the shop, it would be completed.
  • However, if they have mass, they cannot reach the speed of light.
  • This process is continued until the players reach the green.
  • Released only days after recording was complete, it reached number two on the album chart.
  • Their relationship was difficult, but eventually they did reach a certain understanding.
  • You get together with them and you hear about policy, about reaching out to help people.
  • Has it not reach'd you, that you are silent about it? Cited from Charles Lamb, by Walter Jerrold
  • The following day, news of her death reached the king.
  • It is therefore important to discover them well before they reach their maximum.
  • It reached number one in the United Kingdom and number three in Australia.
  • However, large areas of the forest are difficult to reach.
  • On that day they finally reached land, but were too far south to begin the crossing.
  • It was her first album to fail to reach the top ten.
  • A battle always has as its purpose the reaching of a mission goal by use of military force.
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Meaning of reach

  • noun The act of physically reaching or thrusting out
  • verb Reach a destination, either real or abstract
    We hit Detroit by noon, The water reached the doorstep, We barely made it to the finish line, I have to hit the MAC machine before the weekend starts
  • verb Reach a point in time, or a certain state or level
    The thermometer hit 100 degrees, This car can reach a speed of 140 miles per hour
  • verb Move forward or upward in order to touch; also in a metaphorical sense
    Government reaches out to the people
  • verb Be in or establish communication with
    Our advertisements reach millions, He never contacted his children after he emigrated to Australia
  • verb To extend as far as
    The sunlight reached the wall, Can he reach?" "The chair must not touch the wall
  • verb Reach a goal, e.g., "make the first team"
    We made it!, She may not make the grade