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  • They then must re-certify every six months in order to continue operating a motorcycle for duty.
  • Companies also must re-certify every three years.
  • Pharmacists must pass a written examination to become certified and must re-certify every five years.
  • Commissioned officers then must re-certify every two years during an additional 10-hour EVOC course.
  • Designation holders must re-certify every three years in order to keep the designation valid.
  • Following the accident, the CAA announced it will re-certify the fleet of all private airlines in the country.
  • Baylor announced that it would re-certify its entire athletic department conformed to NCAA rules.
  • Students are required to maintain these licenses by returning to a North Carolina Community College to re-certify.
  • After opting in, an organization must re-certify every 12 months.
  • Ex Air New Zealand Pilots with over 15000 flight hours have offered to re certify the plane.
  • To re-certify they must provide proof of professional growth through continuing education, participation in society activities, and the completion of updated USPAP courses.
  • These twenty-year-old aircraft - which had not been flown for a decade and required work to re-certify their flightworthiness - were delivered in September 2005.
  • CCDE certified individuals can use CCIE qualification exams to re-certify and vice versa.
  • To maintain the designation, HR professionals must re-certify every three years and adhere to the Code of Ethics.
  • Around 1985, Dow Chemical was forced to re-certify picloram after having greatly reduced the amounts of contaminants.
  • CMVP can decertify software in which vulnerabilities are found, but it can take a year to re-certify software if a defects are found, so companies can be left without a certified product to ship.
  • For example, in one election the teachers' union was de-certified when the vote to re-certify was 31 in favor of recertification and 1 against.
  • Certification is valid for three years, during which time the arborist must complete 30 continuing education units (CEUs) in order to re certify.
  • A CMA (AAMA) must re-certify every 60 months by continuing education or re-examination in order to maintain certification.
  • A majority of those teachers unions that held elections voted to re-certify and a majority of those that failed to re-certify did so due to rules in the new law treating a non-vote the same as a vote against recertification.
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