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  • Over three hundred houses and a number of public buildings have been razed.
  • It later became a community youth center, but has since been razed.
  • Many abandoned buildings have been razed, and new ones constructed in their place.
  • They would raze our cities, leaving not one stone upon another. Cited from Thuvia, Maid of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Running out of water and food the city fell and was razed.
  • This was the first time any Man Raze music had been made public.
  • Most of the original buildings were razed or moved to a location north of the original town.
  • He then planned to raze the park and put up a hotel.
  • Smaller homes may be razed and have a much larger home built on the site.
  • The older building was razed shortly after the new building was occupied.
  • Then the army was set to work, to raze the city to the ground. Cited from For the Temple, by G. A. Henty
  • Many items were made available for public purchase before the building would be razed.
  • Many of these homes have since been razed, but numerous others have been restored.
  • Some early developments were razed after their initial construction to make way for larger buildings.
  • Six faculty houses were razed to make room for the new building.
  • If the project goes through, the community will be razed to make way for part of the new development.
  • Hills and even mountains have been razed to provide flat areas for housing.
  • The city was burned down and razed to the ground during the three days following the battle.
  • Most other school structures were razed and new museum facilities were constructed.
  • Once the forest has been razed by fire, the strong wind makes it difficult for new trees to grow.
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