Raspberry Ripple

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  • Info Raspberry Ripple is a popular flavour of ice cream in Great Britain and elsewhere. more...
  • This went on to take a coveted Raspberry Ripple Award the same year.
  • Raspberry Ripple is a dazzling fuchsia pink color, swirled through with "ripples" of bright white on her face, legs and hindquarters.
  • His winning dish was Treacle Tart with Jersey clotted cream and raspberry ripple coulis.
  • It consists of a flavored sorbet like frozen dessert inside a conical, plastic cup with a gumball at the bottom; the flavor of the ice is usually raspberry ripple.
  • Lemon Ice and Raspberry Ripple (below) share something in common with Cherry Vanilla, in that they were marketed without benefit of having a kid character counterpart to ride them.
  • By the mid 70's the fleet was then painted in the red, white and grey "Raspberry Ripple" colour scheme of Training Command, with their "flashing" black and white props, which the aircraft retained until their retirement.