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  • It was also during this era that long distance rail travel became quite popular.
  • In recent years California has started to plan a high-speed rail system.
  • All three areas were found to improve the case for high-speed rail.
  • Therefore, the third rail system is not generally used for higher-speed rail.
  • The network is recently growing with the construction of the new high-speed rail network.
  • The network is recently growing with the construction of the new high-speed rail network.
  • Most countries today with high-speed rail have dedicated high-speed tracks.
  • The service was very popular and development continued on high-speed rail in Spain.
  • In developing higher-speed rail services, one of those safety systems must be used.
  • Regional bus and long-distance rail services are also provided throughout the State.
  • Six new light rail lines are currently in various stages of development.
  • High-speed rail networks are being developed in many parts of the world.
  • The other running rail would act as a common return.
  • It would run along the Canadian National rail right of way through the city.
  • A train is a connected series of rail vehicles that move along the track.
  • Light rail service consists of two lines operating on double track.
  • The high-speed rail track and platform locations have not been determined yet.
  • In the rest of the country, the rail network is less extensive.
  • Nevertheless it is there that regional and long-distance rail service is to be found.
  • One notable and growing long-distance train category is high-speed rail.
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Meaning of rail

  • noun Short for railway
    he traveled by rail, he was concerned with rail safety
  • noun A horizontal bar (usually of wood or metal)
  • noun Any of numerous widely distributed small wading birds of the family rallidae having short wings and very long toes for running on soft mud
  • verb Complain bitterly
  • verb Enclose with rails
    rail in the old graves
  • verb Provide with rails
    The yard was railed
  • verb Separate with a railing
    rail off the crowds from the Presidential palace
  • verb Convey (goods etc.) by rails
    fresh fruit are railed from Italy to Belgium
  • verb Lay with rails
    hundreds of miles were railed out here
  • verb Fish with a handline over the rails of a boat
    They are railing for fresh fish