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  • The fire raged for three days until it finally was brought under control.
  • He said that people with too much desire turn into a raging mass of fire.
  • Covered in rags, not many people have seen just how much they have changed.
  • The battle now raged from the right to the left of our whole line. Cited from Medallic History of the United States of America 1776-1876, J. F. Loubat
  • The battle raged during the whole of that day all over the plain. Cited from In the Track of the Troops, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • Heavy fighting raged during the day on the road leading from the hotel.
  • The year was a very strange one with the war still raging on.
  • A large fire raged for two days at the site of the plant.
  • One day he and his troops had to cross a very narrow bridge over a raging river.
  • But there had been no single civil movement against the evil of ragging.
  • They recorded rags, as well as some of the hit songs of the day.
  • The island has a long history, raging hundreds of years back in time.
  • The fire raged for the next two days before it burned itself out.
  • So many people believe that ragging is just a very small problem in India.
  • Boys and girls of twelve years old were in rags, which very ill covered them. Cited from Travels through the South of France in 1807 & 1808, by Lt-Col. Pinkney
  • She has a raging desire to get justice for women in this man's world.
  • During her time she continued to increase her fortune by becoming a significant player in the rag trade.
  • The fire raged all day long and it was not until the evening when the fire was under control.
  • Since then controversy has raged: why was high camp was moved higher?
  • He also noted that in the song, she's raging against the life she herself is leading.
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Meaning of rag

  • noun A small piece of cloth or paper
  • noun A week at british universities during which side-shows and processions of floats are organized to raise money for charities
  • noun A boisterous practical joke (especially by college students)
  • verb Play in ragtime
    rag that old tune
  • verb Break into lumps before sorting
    rag ore