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  • They became friends because they both dressed more radically than the other students.
  • He believed in a new birth experience that would radically change a person.
  • His pieces were considered radically different from the other twenty-nine artists' works.
  • However, its concept of human rights has developed radically over the years.
  • Both aircraft have very similar performance although they are radically different.
  • However, those in the first line were increased radically in the following days and weeks.
  • For their next album, the band changed radically their approach to recording.
  • In association football meanwhile it is more commonly a radically different design.
  • They are almost immediately drawn to each other despite their radically different personalities.
  • That was actually a hard part for him, because it was so radically different from who he was.
  • Each race also has different units, structures they can build and radically different abilities.
  • Although their personalities are still the same, their physical appearance has changed radically.
  • Many of the gods had special powers related to their field and some were radically more powerful than others.
  • They are said to have created a radically new kind of comedy.
  • He even admits that he says more radically conservative things mostly for attention.
  • The band's sound did not radically change with this release.
  • Although some artists subsequently radically changed their work in the 1970s and in subsequent decades.
  • But by then social conditions were being radically changed by the Second World War.
  • He believed that the best way to effect change in society was by living, in community, a radically different life.
  • When food runs out and they are ready to form sporangia, they do something radically different.
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Meaning of radically

  • adverb In a radical manner
    she took a radically different approach