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  • Info RacingThePlanet is an organizer of off-trail and rough-country endurance foot-races, including the 4 Deserts. more...
  • The Western Australian government held an inquiry into the planning and actions of RacingThePlanet.
  • RacingThePlanet puts no limits on the type of causes that are supported.
  • About half of the competitors at RacingThePlanet events are supporting charitable causes through their participation.
  • Since 2004, RacingThePlanet has developed a number of their own products and merchandise for use in endurance racing.
  • The race had the lowest retirement record of any RacingThePlanet event, with 92% of competitors finishing the race.
  • Because of the remote locations of many of the races RacingThePlanet choose to support a specific charity at almost every event, that provides support to the local community in which the event takes place.
  • The number of hospital admissions of dehyrated participants lead to Western Australia Police contacting RacingThePlanet.
  • RacingThePlanet has currently organised 34 races in total.
  • Spaniard Salvador Calvo Redondo has set a record by winning all three editions of RacingThePlanet.
  • In 2007, RacingThePlanet became a case study for the Harvard Business School and is one of the few case studies to be repeated yearly.
  • RacingThePlanet is headquartered in Hong Kong where they also have a showroom for The Outdoor Store.
  • RacingThePlanet has not compensated the victims or contributed to their medical treatment, including to Ms Pitt whose expenses exceed $2 million.
  • In 2009 RacingThePlanet launched an online retail store specializing in selling the outdoor apparel, equipment and nutritional products required for endurance racing.
  • The RacingThePlanet's 4 Deserts Race Series and the Marathon des Sables are among the most popular multiday races taking place today.
  • A spokesman for RacingThePlanet said that while "the fire and its consequences are tragic and regrettable" they "were not reasonably foreseeable".
  • An inquiry into the Kimberley Ultramarathon was damning of RacingThePlanet (the race organisers).
  • The champion was Spain's Salvador Redondo Calvo who handed South Africa's Ryan Sandes, the previous 4 Deserts Champion, his only defeat in a RacingThePlanet event - Ryan finished in second place.
  • His achievement prompted Mary Gadams, founder and CEO of RacingThePlanet and organiser of the event, to state "Ryan Sandes is clearly one of the top endurance athletes in the world - to have won all 4 Deserts is a remarkable accomplishment."