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  • The racing is also a part of modern South African culture.
  • He soon became heavily involved in American six-day racing, riding in a total of thirty.
  • As a result, it soon dominated the electric off-road racing scene.
  • Horse-racing fans come from all over to watch the races.
  • These cars were the most powerful open-wheel circuit racing cars ever.
  • The tracks are usually located in commercial or purpose-built racing centres.
  • France has one of the major horse racing industries in Europe.
  • Often, countries have developed their own particular horse racing traditions.
  • The same year he turned professional and won a national title in motor-paced racing.
  • There are two main body types: the stock type and the hunter or racing type.
  • Races can take place either on purpose-built racing circuits or on closed public roads.
  • Children were racing standard road bikes off-road, around purpose-built tracks in California.
  • After his death, Giancarlo took over the racing part of the family business.
  • Many national dailies also carry racing news and information in their sports pages.
  • This game was considered to be one of the first off-road racing games for a console system.
  • It is well known for its tight racing and has become well known in short track stock car racing.
  • Many other competitions often exist for racing between clubs, schools and universities in each nation.
  • Many production racing categories are based on particular makes of cars.
  • Numerous production racing categories are based on particular makes of cars.
  • This historic track held the first organized quarter horse races in the world, and they are still racing there.
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Root form of racing is race for the verb.

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Meaning of racing

  • noun The sport of engaging in contests of speed
  • verb Compete in a race
    he is running the Marathon this year, let's race and see who gets there first
  • verb To work as fast as possible towards a goal, sometimes in competition with others
    We are racing to find a cure for AIDS
  • verb Cause to move fast or to rush or race
    The psychologist raced the rats through a long maze