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  • This led him to believe that he had some positive influence to stop the racial policy.
  • Their multi-racial children were free because they were born to free English women.
  • The last quarter-century has seen significant change in the racial composition of the county's population.
  • They also wanted to end racial segregation of schools and other public facilities.
  • It addressed racial and political issues at a difficult time in British society.
  • Free people of color were far more likely to be of mixed racial background than were slaves.
  • There was no property qualification, nor does the term appear to be racial.
  • I thought that was terrific, as my wife is the same racial make-up.
  • Very quickly, they grew into the largest racial/ethnic group.
  • It had accepted only white students under the state's legal system of racial segregation.
  • The designation is more cultural than racial, and is not limited to some certain physical appearance.
  • The Japanese had a racial policy just as the British did.
  • He could take the job because the racial laws did not apply to Swiss companies.
  • It is sometimes referred to as bound together with racial discrimination although it can be separate.
  • Several songs and scenes from the show address racial issues.
  • The group a person belonged to was determined by two things: racial background and place of birth.
  • Racial discrimination in education has been proposed as one possible cause of differences in educational quality between races.
  • There is little that the characters can do to escape racial discrimination.
  • Many cultures are present within any given country and racial or socioeconomic group.
  • Its population features a complex mix of racial and ethnic groups.
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Meaning of racial

  • adjective Of or related to genetically distinguished groups of people
    racial groups
  • adjective Of or characteristic of race or races or arising from differences among groups
    racial differences, racial discrimination