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  • Info Quotation is the repetition of someone else's statement or thoughts. more...
  • He could have been thinking about this quote when he wrote this book.
  • However, quotes from this book can still be found in some older works.
  • He generally remains one of the more popular and often quoted secondary characters in the show.
  • Each quote type consists of one named value of the same name as the type itself.
  • He had a great memory for poetry and often quoted it at length.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all figures below are quoted from the international airport station.
  • One of his most famous quotes was one that he included in one of his earliest works.
  • When he quotes a book at second hand he takes pains to say so.
  • It was common for people at this time to reference songs by quoting their first lines.
  • The debate produced one of the most famous quotes in American political history.
  • His faith can be understood by a quote he gave at a concert shortly before his death.
  • He admitted using the words but claimed that he was quoting a member of the public.
  • However, the quote does not appear in any edition of the book.
  • Some of the quotes mention what he meant to the people who knew and learned from him.
  • The quote would subsequently be picked up on by the world's media.
  • Each week he would read a section or quote from one of his favourite baseball-related books.
  • To this day the quote still remains at the Hall's main entrance.
  • It is one of the most popular and most quoted poems from the war.
  • It is a live exchange type book working against the best bid/offer of all quotes.
  • A local education officer was quoted in news reports saying that such events are "very common here".
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Meaning of quote

  • verb Repeat a passage from
    He quoted the Bible to her
  • verb Name the price of
    quote prices for cars
  • verb Refer to for illustration or proof
    He said he could quote several instances of this behavior
  • verb Put quote marks around
    Here the author is quoting his colleague