quizzically into

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  • "But of a different nature, though?" and Glen looked quizzically into his face. Cited from Glen of the High North, by H. A. Cody
  • She did not in fact have long to wait, for after they were all seated at dinner Mr. Sinclair looked quizzically into his daughter's face. Cited from Under Sealed Orders, by H.A. Cody
  • I looked quizzically into his eyes to see what effect this would have, and if there was no evidence of a mist of pleasure and affection being vigorously restrained I was very much mistaken. Cited from Twelve Men, by Theodore Dreiser
  • Out from her flickering aura of yellow lantern-light little Eve Edgarton peered forth quizzically into Barton's darkness. Cited from Little Eve Edgarton, by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
  • It was Dill who lay and smiled quizzically into the dark and listened to the wide-awake breathing of the man beside him -- breathing which betrayed deep emotion held rigidly in check so far as outward movement went. Cited from The Long Shadow, by B. M. Bower