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  • He looked at her quizzically, as if he did not quite believe her. Cited from The Keeper of the Door, by Ethel M. Dell
  • He raised the light above his head, and looked down at me most quizzically. Cited from The PG Works Of Gilbert Parker, Complete
  • I held her off at arm's length and looked her over quizzically. Cited from The Lost Valley, by J. M. Walsh
  • She placed these by his side, and stood back quizzically a second. Cited from Simon Called Peter, by Robert Keable
  • Out of the corner of his eye he saw the night-service officer regarding him quizzically. Cited from The Beautiful and Damned, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • He looked at her quizzically for a little while and her expression touched him. Cited from The Skipper and the Skipped, by Holman Day
  • Without moving from her position, she turned her head and smiled at me quizzically. Cited from Paradise Garden, by George Gibbs
  • "How could you tell, at that distance and in the night?" he asked quizzically. Cited from The Price, by Francis Lynde
  • Tommy regarded her quizzically, opened her mouth to speak, then closed her lips. Cited from The Meadow-Brook Girls by the Sea, by Janet Aldridge
  • Will looked at the boy quizzically for a moment before he answered. Cited from The Call of the Beaver Patrol, by V. T. Sherman
  • He turned his head at the laugh and looked quizzically at her. Cited from The Two-Gun Man, by Charles Alden Seltzer
  • As he spoke she looked at him quizzically, almost sadly in her great doubt. Cited from The Titan, by Theodore Dreiser
  • So, he avoided her eyes as she stood by the window regarding him quizzically. Cited from Within the Law, by Marvin Dana from Bayard Veiller
  • He turned a very frank gaze in her direction and she quizzically returned his glance. Cited from The Blood Red Dawn, by Charles Caldwell Dobie
  • "What's wrong between you two?" he asked the old man quizzically. Cited from The Heritage of the Sioux by B. M. Bower
  • It was not until he had struck his match that he looked at her and smiled quizzically. Cited from Quin, by Alice Hegan Rice
  • He took an especially long puff when he saw John and looked at him quizzically. Cited from The Hosts of the Air, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • Whitney looked at him quizzically, as though in doubt just how much this man knew. Cited from The Gold of the Gods, by Arthur B. Reeve
  • "Is that why you are going to be married?" he asked quizzically. Cited from Never Know Your Luck, by G. Parker, v3
  • John asked when they were done, looking down at her quizzically, as he had a trick of doing. Cited from The Wishing-Ring Man, by Margaret Widdemer
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