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  • The quietest sort was what he had always wanted and never got. Cited from The Brimming Cup, by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  • All the forces in nature that are the most powerful are the quietest. Cited from Architects of Fate, by Orison Swett Marden
  • Perhaps the river was quietest of a morning or late at night. Cited from Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents, by H. G. (Herbert George) Wells
  • We're going along the quietest road we can find. Cited from Soldiers Three, by Rudyard Kipling
  • They had dangerous work to do even on the quietest of days. Cited from Kitchener's Mob, by James Norman Hall
  • We will take this walk at the quietest hour in the whole week, between eleven and twelve. Cited from As We Are and As We May Be, by Sir Walter Besant
  • He was often considered one of the quietest players in the game, keeping to himself most of the time.
  • Even in the quietest family life many opportunities will be offered you of combat and of victory. Cited from The Young Lady's Mentor, by A Lady
  • The east front is the quietest of the four on the main block.
  • It was already too late for any but the quietest sort. Cited from The Brimming Cup, by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  • There was nothing to do but care for their health and keep them in the quietest part of the woods. Cited from Lobo, Rag and Vixen, by Ernest Seton-Thompson
  • The poor gentleman who was dead was the quietest of the company. Cited from The Master Detective, by Percy James Brebner
  • We must now see how we can achieve our purpose in the quietest and safest manner. Cited from Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt, Volume 1
  • The house we sought was some distance down the quietest of white-walled streets. Cited from In Morocco, by Edith Wharton
  • They take the streets that are the quietest, and do not go near that in which her old home stands. Cited from Dombey and Son, by Charles Dickens
  • In the quietest possible way the introduction was performed, and all seated themselves. Cited from The Odd Women, by George Gissing
  • This is the quietest place to sit and rock I was ever in. Cited from Gloria and Treeless Street, Annie Hamilton Donnell
  • The distribution took place in the quietest manner possible, none but the officers and men of the regiment being present. Cited from A Narrative Of The Siege Of Delhi, by Charles John Griffiths
  • He's the quietest little fellow you ever saw. Cited from The Every-day Life of Abraham Lincoln, by Francis Fisher Browne
  • This particular evening I want to be quiet, and this is the quietest place I know. Cited from Sally Bishop, by E. Temple Thurston
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